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Royalty Designs by Delki Rosso

Choose from our designs and colors and make your own combination!


Instructions to place an order:

Send a picture or style number of the garment from the list below.  Please write in detail the quantity, sizes, color. Delivery time is 2 to 4 weeks from the day of 1st deposit.  For large orders 50% deposit is required.  Curbside pick up at our local store in Orlando, Florida available.  EASTER 2021 ORDERS must be in before in March 13th.



Scan the QR CODE above with your phone camera and contact us directly on Whatsapp! 

Thank you for blessing us with your purchase!
As a family business, we appreciate you! With each item, you purchase you are getting a handmade quality piece made with love for you to worship our King.  The profit we make from your purchases, helps us cover production, marketing, lease, utilities, taxes, and many expenses any online and local business requires. With each purchase, you are helping the doors of our local business stay open! THANK YOU!Please be aware of your investment and be sure to purchase our original designs with the name tag ‘Royalty Designs by Delki Rosso’.   Thank you again for allowing us to serve you for blessings us with your purchase.  Delki Rosso - School Director & Designer