Royalty Designs by Delki Rosso

Asymmetrical Praise and worship overlay belted pink skirt

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Product Overview


God gives us all the creativity so that we always put Him as a center and fashion is also part of God's creativity.  This collection is called "Revival" and it's name is well intentional and necessary at this time. Revival means God with us!

God yearns for a higher level of awareness of his presence, unity among his people and restoration of The Tabernacle of Praise to empower, equip, and enlighten all who come into the saving grace of Jesus Christ, through worship, discipleship, and impartation.  Then we will not turn away from you; revive us, and we will call on your name. Psalm 80:18  The psalm is in essence a prayer for a fallen kingdom to be restored.  We invite you urgently to unite and cry out and beg God to act and to restore His people into covenant. We need God’s intervention.  We pray for Divine Restoration and we declare that it's time for REVIVAL!

The color we use for this garment is Tie Dye mixed colors, inspired by the COVENANT God gave those who OBEYED in Genesis 9. 

Note: No tunic, no veil, no leotard, no pants, no mask included. BELTED SKIRT ONLY.

Note: Hand Wash or Dry Clean Only

  • This belted overlay skirt is designed for praise dance, liturgical dance, worship dance, and ministry dance.
  • Beautiful hi neck lycra long Dress Hi quality tie dye and green Lycra hi neck and long sleeve top with attached green lycra long skirt

  • HAND made in USA. Time of delivery 2-4 Weeks.
  • We only use hi quality items.  We guarantee our product.
  • To make sure you are purchasing the original item an search for the label : Royalty Designs Boutique by Delki Rosso
  • Perfect for praise dance, modern liturgical dance, or special events
Brand: Royalty Designs by Delki Rosso
Fabric: Attached Lycra belt & Chiffon skirt
Fitting: accurate to size (The fitting information is shown as a guide only and not a guarantee. Actual fitting may vary.)
Available Colors: Grey, blue, purple, pink, red, white and others
Available Sizes: Kids & Adults 

Warranty Information

Dear Customer, As a family business, we appreciate you! With each item, you purchase you are getting a handmade quality piece made with love for you to worship our King. The profit we make from your purchases, helps us cover production, marketing, lease, utilities, taxes, and many expenses any online and local business requires. With each purchase, you are helping the doors of our local business stay open! THANK YOU!Please be aware of your investment and be sure to purchase our original designs with the name tag ‘Royalty Designs by Delki Rosso’. Thank you again for allowing us to serve you for blessings us with your purchase. Delki Rosso - School Director & Designer

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