AVIVAMIENTO Collection by Delki Rosso


FRIDAY DAY (Rehearsals): HOTAI Uniform (Red and Black)

FRIDAY NIGHT (Ven, Manifiestate) :CAMOUFLAUGE Tunic or Skirt with Black Pants

SATURDAY DAY :Event T-shirt with black pants (Contact Nelly info@hotaischool.com for this)

SATURDAY NIGHT (Maranatha/Flashmob) :ACTIVATION MATRIX Garment with Gold Semi Short Pants (Man Tunic with black pants)

If you are NOT a local student and you want to participate of Praise and worship you must get both night outfits.

If you are ONLY part of the flashmob please purchase T-shirt directly at : www.fuentedesalvacionflorida.com


FREE EVENT REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gran-congreso-de-activacion-y-avivamiento-primer-dia-04-de-noviembre-tickets-375471333867